SSB Clubhouse utilization

Updated: 7/13/16

Sunset Beach Residents have a unique benefit of possessing a Clubhouse, Veranda, and Pool available for use by families and friends for their personal enjoyment. The Clubhouse is used to conduct Sunset Beach business, group functions, and subdivision activities. Exclusive use by a resident for private functions can be scheduled by following these guidelines and rules for utilization. A calendar of events for scheduled activities is posted monthly on the Sunset Beach Website and on the front entrance to the Clubhouse.

NOTE: The responses from the Sunset Beach Clubhouse Utilization Survey served as the basis for the development of these RULES AND GUIDELINES.

Sunset Beach business, group functions, subdivision activities, and special events must have an individual designated who is responsible for setup, utilization, and cleanup.

1.   When a homeowner plans to use the Clubhouse for a private event (wedding, birthday party, family reunion) he or she can reserve the facility and determine the availability for the desired date by completing, signing, and submitting the Reservation Request Form to the Association Manager who will verify that the resident is aware of and will follow the established usage rules and requirements. The Association manager will then submit the request to the HOA Clubhouse Event Coordinator for final approval and posting on the Monthly Activity Calendar.

2.   For a resident’s private event (wedding of a resident or immediate family member, birthday party, or family reunion, or any other resident private party) a $250 deposit will be required. The deposit is refundable if the Clubhouse is left in good order with no damage. A deposit exception is made for small private resident events, with attendees of 25 or less, but the resident will still be held responsible for the condition of the Clubhouse.

3.   The resident hosting an event must be present at all times during the event. The resident is responsible for the conduct of their guests and is responsible for cleaning the Clubhouse after the event. Note: Cleaning can be done using the Clubhouse Cleaning Person or using his or hers own resources. Following the event, the Clubhouse will be inspected and if it is not adequately cleaned it will be cleaned by the Association and the cost taken from the deposit, or the host will reimburse the Association for cost of cleaning.

4.   A Resident Application for a Charitable Event must be approved by the SB Board of Directors.

5.   The Swimming Pool, Deck Area and the Veranda are frequently used by our residents during warmer weather.  Some gatherings are larger and have children using the Pool and the surrounding Pool Deck, thus organized functions needs to be scheduled to avoid conflicts of the use of the pool by other residents. The Clubhouse & Pool Etiquette and usage Rules and Regulations are posted all around the Pool area. These rules apply to all areas in and around the facilities.


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